Professional Development and Training

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Lifelong learning is an essential habit for anyone working in the settlement sector. This section has information about how to find, access, pay for and evaluate training opportunities.

Skills Development and Life-long Learning

Understand why you need to be committed to continuous learning and updating—an ongoing adjustment to your portfolio of skills and knowledge.

Assessing Training Needs

A sound assessment of needs is the foundation on which effective decisions about what training to take and in what format. Find out how to assess your or your agency's training needs and what training can accomplish for you.

Finding and Accessing Training

Once you know what training you need, you need to decide where to get the training. This section will outline the different types of training providers in your community and beyond and how you can access their programs.

Paying for Training

Information about resources you can access to pay for training courses or programs. Information includes resources to pay full training costs to resources to subsidize your training.

Online and Distance Learning

You can find more and more accredited and informal courses and entire degree or certificate programs on the Internet. Like any other product or service, it is important to be a smart consumer when choosing the institution where you take your courses.