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Studies and reports focused on immigration law, the treatment of newcomers within the justice system and access to legal protections.

Community Policing - a Shared Responsibility: Final Project Report And Evaluation
This report describes the outcomes of a multi-year project race relations project in Ottawa and presents its analysis - December 2008.
Controlling Irregular Migration in Canada
This research report concerns reconciling security concerns with human rights protection in Canadian public policy. It provides a contextual analysis of diminishing rights and benefits, and provides recommendations on improving the situation for migrants.
Ethno-Racial Groups in Toronto, 1971-2001: A Demographic and Socio-Economic Profile
A report from the Institute for Social Research reveals that all 20 of the poorest ethno-racial groups in Toronto are non-European - January 2006.
Finding Their Voice: Civic Engagement Among Young Aboriginals and New Canadians
This research and writing from the Centre for Research and Information on Canada highlights the challenges which confront young New Canadian and Aboriginal communities in effectively engaging in the civic life. Includes 5 articles from various writers.
Immigrants in Canada's census metropolitan areas
This report is the third of a series that develops statistical measures to shed light on issues of importance for Canada's largest urban areas - August 2004.
Immigration, Race, and Language: Black Francophones of Ontario and the Challenges of Integration, Racism, and Language Discrimination
This working paper by Amal Madibbo examines the challenges of integration faced by Black Francophone immigrants who live in Ontario and who constitute a racial minority within the Francophone official linguistic minority - June 2005.
Job Search Workshop Program Review
The purpose of this report was to review the JSW Program as it is currently delivered in 30 locations across Ontario - 2001.
Moving Towards Visibility: Non-Status Immigrants and the Social Service Sector
The purpose of this report is to share information on the Undocumented Support Network Project and key resources from the initiative that aim to increase the capacity of agencies to better serve non-status immigrants - April 2009.
Multilingual Legal Information: Issues in Development and Delivery
In this report, CLEO reviews and expands upon the research it conducted for the Linguistic Access Report (below), and looks at new areas for exploration - March 2009.
Pushed (Back) Into the Closet: Research Findings on the Safety Needs of LGBTTIQQ2S Women and Trans Communities of Toronto
This research report summarizes findings of an online survey conducted to assess the safety needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, transgender, intersex, queer, questioning, and two-spirited women and trans individuals in Toronto - May 2009.
Putting Data to Work for Immigrants and Communities: Tools for the Washington DC Metro Area and Beyond
This report promotes the effective use of demographic data by community-based organizations working with and on behalf of immigrants - March 2004.
Representation for Immigrants and Refugee Claimants - Study Report
This study was undertaken to examine the need that immigrants and refugee claimants have for assistance and representation in relation to legal proceedings under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) - October 2002.
Settlement in the Workplace - The Settlement Needs of Employed Newcomers - An Exploratory Study
This study explores what happens with respect to settlement issues to newcomers who find employment shortly after arriving in Canada - March 2001.
Social Inclusion of Newcomers to Canada: An Information Problem?
This article, to Appear in Library and Information Science Research, 2005, examines how information service providers, particularly libraries, may assist effectively in the provision of the information needs of immigrants.
The Right to Learn: Access to Public Education for Non-Status Immigrants
This study examines the challenges, fear, and safety concerns non-status immigrant families face in regards to accessing the public school system - June 2008.
Workshop on Minority Youth Residing in the Ottawa-Carleton Region
A report documenting the findings and recommendations of a workshop on the challenges facing minority youth residing in the Ottawa-Carleton Area - May 2000.

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