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Studies and reports directly related to newcomer issues, including both academic and community-based research. Includes statistical information, environmental surveys and qualitative studies in the following categories:

Recently Added and Updated Related Research

An Analysis of Second Language Training Programs for Older Adults Across Canada
This report seeks to analyse second language training programs for older adults across Canada - January 2008.
Are immigrant wages affected by the source of job search information?
This report aimed to answer the question: What are the labour market outcomes - in this case defined as average hourly wages - for currently employed immigrants, based on the source of information used to find their job?
What are the Labour Market Outcomes for Immigrants Planning to Work in Regulated and Unregulated Occupations
This report sought to answer the question: What is the labour market performance (broadly defined) for immigrants planning to work in regulated and unregulated occupations? February 2010
Are Immigrant Earnings Affected By The Size Of Their Employer?
This report seeks to answer the question: What are the labour market outcomes - in this case, defined by earnings - for immigrants, according to the number of employees in their workplace?
Do Immigrant Class and Gender Affect Labour Market Outcomes for Immigrants?
This report seeks to answer the question: What is the labour market performance in terms of income, participation rate, unemployment rate and poverty rate for immigrants arriving under various immigration categories?
Accommodating Learning Styles In Bridging Education Programs For Internationally Educated Professionals (IEPs)
The major objective of the research was to determine if IEPs bring distinctive learning styles and preferences, developed prior to immigrating to Canada, to bridging education classrooms - July 2009.
Do Levels of Savings Brought To Canada Affect Labour Market Outcomes For Immigrants?
This report deals with the labour outcomes of immigrants according to the amount of savings they brought to Canada - November 2009.
CanCompete: Immigrant-Friendly Businesses - Effective Practices for Attracting, Integrating, and Retaining Immigrants in Canadian Workplaces
This report looks at the ways businesses can mitigate these challenges by adapting and implementing a number of "immigrant-friendly" programs and practices along a recruitment, integration, development, and retention continuum - November 2009.
Negotiating Homelessness: Voices from Streets to Homes
This study explores the views of immigrants and refugees, how they negotiated their way from homelessness - 2008.
Building Partnerships for Service Provision to Migrant Sex Workers
The study findings pointed to a dramatic increase in the number of migrants in all sectors of the local sex industry, and in the number of health and social service organizations that either deal with this population or are interested in getting involved.

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