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Documents concentrated on issues related to newcomer's access to housing, homelessness and neighbourhood development.

"Sorry, It's Rented": Measuring Discrimination in Toronto's Rental Housing Market
CERA conducted telephone-based housing discrimination "audits" across the City of Toronto. CERA created profiles that tested discrimination against five specific profiles and found substantial discrimination in the rental market - June 2009.
A Study of the Settlement Experiences of Eritrean and Somali Parents in Toronto
The report explores the parenting issues faced by Eritrean and Somali parents in Toronto, as they adjust to living in a new culture - September, 2001.
An Exploratory Overview of the Assets of Immigrant and Visible Minority Communities in Ottawa
This document is an inventory of existing assets, the best approaches to improve communication and dialogue within the immigrant and ethnic communities in priority areas, and ways of improving community participation in public policy by helping community members develop a stronger voice - October 2004.
Experiences of Front-line Shelter Workers in Providing Services to Immigrant Women Impacted by Family Violence
The purpose of this research study is to explore how front-line workers of shelters for abused women and children experience providing support to immigrant women impacted by family violence - 2004.
Immigration, Diversity and Social Inclusion in Canada's Cities
This report underlines the importance of immigration to the future of Canada's cities and outlines what needs to be done to see that Canada's diversity remains an asset - January 2003.
Library Settlement Partnerships - Pilot Project Review and Program Model Proposed
CIC recently piloted the Library Settlement Partnerships (LSP) in Hamilton, Ottawa and Toronto libraries. These reports provide insights and recommendations about creating and running such partnerships - October 2007.
Longitudinal Survey of Immigrants to Canada: Process, progress and prospects
This report is part of a comprehensive survey designed to study the process by which new immigrants adapt to Canadian society - October 2003.
Making The Case For Housing Help Centres
This document identifies three critical paths to eliminating homelessness and the value of Housing Help Centres in preventing homelessness - August 2005.
Negotiating Homelessness: Voices from Streets to Homes
This study explores the views of immigrants and refugees, how they negotiated their way from homelessness - 2008.
Our Diverse Cities
Published with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, this magazine seeks to provide a look at population diversity in Canadian cities - Spring 2004.
Perspectives on Disability in 3 Cultural Communities: Downtown Toronto, Canada
This report discusses the commonalities and differences in the perception of disability in the Vietnamese, Chinese and Portuguese communities in Toronto - February 2005.
Population projections of visible minority groups, Canada, provinces and regions 2001-2017
This study suggests that roughly one out of every five people in Canada, or between 19% and 23% of the nation's population, could be a member of a visible minority by 2017 - March 2005.
Portraits of Peel 1996-2001 PDF Report
Portraits of Peel is a document that describes the socio-economic characteristics of different neighbourhoods in Peel Region, using data from the Census of Canada at the postal code level.
Putting Data to Work for Immigrants and Communities: Tools for the Washington DC Metro Area and Beyond
This report promotes the effective use of demographic data by community-based organizations working with and on behalf of immigrants - March 2004.
Racialised Groups and Health Status: A Literature Review Exploring Poverty, Housing, Race-Based Discrimination and Access to Health Care as Determinants of Health for Racialised Groups
This literature review investigates the impact of income, housing, race-based discrimination and access to health care on the health status of racialised groups in Toronto - Summer 2005.
Recent immigration and the formation of visible minority neighbourhoods in Canada's large cities
Ethnic neighbourhoods — neighbourhoods with a significant presence of a minority group — in Canada’s large cities have long been a vivid reflection of the adjustment process experienced by successive waves of immigrants - July 2004.
Research Findings on the Housing Conditions of Newcomers: St. Stephen’s Community House Language Training and Newcomers Services (LTNS)
In this research, questionnaires, focus groups and interviews were used to gather information on the housing conditions of the newcomers who use St. Stephen’s Community House Newcomers Services - June 2002.
Sustaining Canada’s Multicultural Cities: Learning from the Local
Our cities and neighbourhoods are being transformed by the social, cultural, and economic diversity of newcomers. How can we be ‘at home’ – all of us, in all of our differences – in these increasingly multicultural cities? February 2004.
The Two-Tier Settlement System: A Review of Current Newcomer Settlement Services in Canada
The objective of this paper is to review the supply of current newcomer settlement services in Canada, with an emphasis on Ontario and the City of Toronto - November 2004.

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