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Research and reports dealing with newcomer health issues, access to health care and the health system and the effects of health services on the newcomer population.

Best Practices: Somali Family Mental Health Support Program
This report provides an overview of a suggested best practices approach to assisting Somali families dealing with mental health issues - February 2005.
Disability, Culture and Service Engagement among Chinese, Somali and Tamil Communities in Toronto
This report examines the needs and experiences of Chinese, Tamil, and Somali communities in Toronto vis-à-vis intellectual disability - July 2004.
Dynamics of Immigrants' Health in Canada: Evidence from the National Population Health Survey
Statistics Canada reports that recent immigrants from non-European countries were twice as likely as the Canadian-born to report deterioration in their health over an eight year period - February 2005.
Experiences of Front-line Shelter Workers in Providing Services to Immigrant Women Impacted by Family Violence
The purpose of this research study is to explore how front-line workers of shelters for abused women and children experience providing support to immigrant women impacted by family violence - 2004.
Immigrants in Waterloo Region - Fact Sheets
Some conditions that affect population health - employment, education, living and working conditions, and social support - can be challenging for newcomers to Canada. These fact sheets explore key issues related to immigrants's health in Waterloo Region.
Improving Access for Newcomer Youth to Sexual Health Resources and Services
Planned Parenthood of Toronto’s study identifies information needs in newcomer youth communities and details their key learnings and recommendations from interviews with youth, service providers and a Filipino youth group - February 2006.
Let Us Talk About Sex (L.U.T.A.S) Project
The L.U.T.A.S. project sought to identify the current sexual behaviours, attitudes and potential health risks factors of adolescents and youth of Portuguese Speaking Origin with special attention to high risk and ostracized youth.
Meanings of Social Support, Coping, and Help-seeking Strategies among Immigrants and Refugees in Toronto
This paper (CERIS Working Paper Series #31) reports on a study of the meanings of social support for Chinese immigrants and Somali refugees in Toronto as part of a national qualitative study - May 2004.
Migration Health National Conference: Towards a Migration Health Framework for the 21st Century
The final report of a national conference, which focused on four themes (communicable diseases, non-communicable diseases, access to health services and other issues), provided a forum to discuss the current state of research on migration health in Canada and sought to develop some consensus around research priorities - 2003.
Perspectives on Disability in 3 Cultural Communities: Downtown Toronto, Canada
This report discusses the commonalities and differences in the perception of disability in the Vietnamese, Chinese and Portuguese communities in Toronto - February 2005.
Putting Data to Work for Immigrants and Communities: Tools for the Washington DC Metro Area and Beyond
This report promotes the effective use of demographic data by community-based organizations working with and on behalf of immigrants - March 2004.
Racialised Groups and Health Status: A Literature Review Exploring Poverty, Housing, Race-Based Discrimination and Access to Health Care as Determinants of Health for Racialised Groups
This literature review investigates the impact of income, housing, race-based discrimination and access to health care on the health status of racialised groups in Toronto - Summer 2005.
Sexpress: Toronto Teen Survey Final Report
The goal of the Toronto Teen Survey (TTS) is to conduct research that will enrich both the quality and quantity of sexual health information available to Toronto teens and improve the ways in which sexual health promotion and care are delivered.
The Economic Dimensions of Interpersonal Violence
This report makes the case for investing in prevention by highlighting the enormous economic costs of the consequences of interpersonal violence - 2004.
The Global City: Newcomer Health in Toronto 2011
This report describes the health advantage that most newcomers bring to Toronto, the decline in their health over time and the need to strengthen our efforts to support newcomers, especially those whose health risks are compounded by their income level, gender, immigration status, etc.
Toronto Community Data for Planning on Health Initiatives
One of the key components of an effective program plan or research project proposal is having good data to inform your needs assessments. This website provides valuable statistical data about key health indicators in Toronto communities.
Visibly Hidden: Rethinking BMSM & HIV Prevention
The goal of this report is to provide an overview of the significant needs, barriers and service gaps for Black, gay, bisexual and straight identified African and Caribbean men who have sex with other men in Toronto - June 2007.
Working to Achieve Health Equity with an Ethnic Perspective: What has been Done and Best Practices
This document addresses issues relating to health equity and victims of racial discrimination - November 2004.
Workshop on Minority Youth Residing in the Ottawa-Carleton Region
A report documenting the findings and recommendations of a workshop on the challenges facing minority youth residing in the Ottawa-Carleton Area - May 2000.

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