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Documents in this area are focused on the role of newcomers in the Canadian economy, the economic barriers experienced by newcomers, economic contributions made by newcomers and Access to Professions and Trades.

2004 Inter-Provincial Report Card on Language and Settlement Services in Canada
This report provides a comprehensive overview of the current state of immigrant settlement programs across Canada funded by the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) - February 2005.
A Comparison of Australian and Canadian Immigration Policies and Labour Market Outcomes
This report uses the findings of previous analyses to evaluate whether differences in the economies of Canada and Australia, in immigration policies and practices, or in the characteristics of migrants to the two countries are able to explain the better migrant outcome recently observed for Australia - September 2004.
A Report on the Experience of Sponsors of Kosovar Refugees in Ontario
This report is an analysis of 278 surveys completed by the Sponsors of Kosovar refugees who came to Canada in the spring of 1999 during the Kosovo Refugees Emergency Evacuation Program - April 2001.
Access to Trades for Newcomers in Ontario
This report examines barriers to accessing the trades, and the degree to which the current policies and programs help or hinder Internationally-trained tradespeople (ITTs) in entering the labour market - April 2009.
Accommodating Learning Styles In Bridging Education Programs For Internationally Educated Professionals (IEPs)
The major objective of the research was to determine if IEPs bring distinctive learning styles and preferences, developed prior to immigrating to Canada, to bridging education classrooms - July 2009.
Adjusting the Balance: Fixing Canada's Economic Immigration Policies
This report outlines a national vision for successful economic immigration in Canada - July 2009.
An Exploratory Overview of the Assets of Immigrant and Visible Minority Communities in Ottawa
This document is an inventory of existing assets, the best approaches to improve communication and dialogue within the immigrant and ethnic communities in priority areas, and ways of improving community participation in public policy by helping community members develop a stronger voice - October 2004.
Are Immigrant Earnings Affected By The Size Of Their Employer?
This report seeks to answer the question: What are the labour market outcomes - in this case, defined by earnings - for immigrants, according to the number of employees in their workplace?
Are immigrant wages affected by the source of job search information?
This report aimed to answer the question: What are the labour market outcomes - in this case defined as average hourly wages - for currently employed immigrants, based on the source of information used to find their job?
Asset-Based Approaches to Settlement Services in Canada - A Discussion Paper
This paper discusses the potential for an Individual Development Account (IDA) or similar program model to serve some of the resettlement needs of newcomers to Canada - 2005.
Barriers Affecting the Integration of Non-Regulated Occupation Immigrants into the Canadian Labour Market
This paper, the result of the Pan-Canadian Sector Council and Immigrant Dialogue, includes preparatory research and dialogue outcomes on issues of barriers and opportunities for newcomers working in non-regulated professions - May 2006.
Bridging Education in Pharmacy: The International Pharmacy Graduate Program in Ontario, Canada
This article describes the development and implementation of a bridging education program for international pharmacy graduates who are seeking licensure as pharmacists in Canada - November 1, 2004.
Bringing Employers Into the Immigration Debate: Survey and Roundtable
The Public Policy Forum undertook a research project that focused on employers' perceptions of “recent immigrants", defined as those immigrants who had arrived in Canada within the last 10 years - November 2004.
Building Partnerships for Service Provision to Migrant Sex Workers
The study findings pointed to a dramatic increase in the number of migrants in all sectors of the local sex industry, and in the number of health and social service organizations that either deal with this population or are interested in getting involved.
Business Critical: Maximizing the Talents of Visible Minorities - An Employer's Guide
The guide has been designed to help Canadian organizations maximize the talents of visible minorities, creating a practical tool to bridge the gap between rhetoric and results - March 2005.
Canadian 'Experiments' in Diversity: The Case of Immigrants with Engineering Backgrounds Who Settle in Ontario
CERIS' Working Paper 41 examines the evolution of licensure and access in Canada's Engineering Sector in regards to Internationally Trained Professionals. Numerous recommendations are provided to improve the situation - November 2005.
Canadian Labour Market and Skills Researcher Network (CLSRN)
CLSRN is a network of academic researchers interested in strengthening our understanding of the Canadian labour market. This page includes links to their immigrant and labour market related research.
CanCompete: Immigrant-Friendly Businesses - Effective Practices for Attracting, Integrating, and Retaining Immigrants in Canadian Workplaces
This report looks at the ways businesses can mitigate these challenges by adapting and implementing a number of "immigrant-friendly" programs and practices along a recruitment, integration, development, and retention continuum - November 2009.
CLBC Handbook - Immigration & Skill Shortages
This handbook is about the role of immigration in meeting the national skills challenge facing Canada - 2004.
Comparing Approaches to Recognizing the Skills and Credentials of Foreign-Trained Workers - Outcomes Report
This report summarizes a 3-day seminar that brought leaders from business, government, community-based and other sectors together to examine policies and initiatives relevant to foreign skills and credential recognition - June 2007
Developing Highly Skilled Workers: Review of Canada
This report identifies the strengths and weaknesses of Canada's policies to develop highly skilled workers for future industry requirements - 2004.
Do Immigrant Class and Gender Affect Labour Market Outcomes for Immigrants?
This report seeks to answer the question: What is the labour market performance in terms of income, participation rate, unemployment rate and poverty rate for immigrants arriving under various immigration categories?
Do Levels of Savings Brought To Canada Affect Labour Market Outcomes For Immigrants?
This report deals with the labour outcomes of immigrants according to the amount of savings they brought to Canada - November 2009.
Does returning to school after immigration affect labour market outcomes for immigrants?
This report aimed to answer the question: What is the labour market performance (labour force participation, and unemployment levels) for immigrants who enrolled in school or in (non-language) training programs following arrival in Canada?
Does Self-Reported English and French Speaking Ability Affect Labour Market Outcomes for Immigrants?
This report seeks to answer the question: What is the labour market performance for immigrants based on their English and French language speaking ability?
Ethno-Racial Groups in Toronto, 1971-2001: A Demographic and Socio-Economic Profile
A report from the Institute for Social Research reveals that all 20 of the poorest ethno-racial groups in Toronto are non-European - January 2006.
Experience of Discrimination by Visible Minorities in Small Communities
This article describes some of the experiences of racial minorities in small town settings in Alberta - Spring 2009.
Faces of Ottawa - A Snapshot of Immigrant Labour Market Integration
This report, by the City of Ottawa, as part of their Immigration Ottawa Initiative (IOI), seeks to develop a more complete understanding of the immigrants who reside in Ottawa - March 2007.
Foreign Credential Recognition: An Overview of Practice in Canada
This publication provides a brief summary of the current practice of foreign credential recognition (FCR) in Canada as well as in other jurisdictions - April 2004.
From Immigration to Participation: A Report on Promising Practices in Integration
This report explores current perspectives on immigrant integration and innovative strategies that engage receiving communities in the settlement process of newcomers - November 2008.
Getting Your Professional Licence in Ontario: The Experiences of International and Canadian Applicants
This study looks at the individuals who apply for licensure; the information, supports and programs that they can access; the applicants' experiences; the challenges applicants face. It includes suggestions for future action. - February 2010.
How Do Gender And Country Of Birth Affect Labour Market Outcomes For Immigrants?
This report sought to address this question: What is the labour market performance, in terms of participation rate, unemployment rate, and earnings for immigrants by country of birth and gender?
How does immigration class affect immigrants' experiences with credential recognition?
This report considers how immigration class (and gender) affects the experiences of immigrants in terms of their efforts to have credentials assessed and recognized. - June 2010.
How to Improve Canada's Immigration System
This study suggests how Canada's immigration policy can be improved to ensure that it more successfully identifies and selects potential immigrants who will fare well in the labour market - September 2009.
Immigrant Source Country Educational Quality and Canadian Labour Market Outcomes
This study attempts to measure differences in immigrant source country school quality and how those differences might affect labour market success of newcomers to Canada - December 2004.
Immigrants in Canada's census metropolitan areas
This report is the third of a series that develops statistical measures to shed light on issues of importance for Canada's largest urban areas - August 2004.
Immigrants in Waterloo Region - Fact Sheets
Some conditions that affect population health - employment, education, living and working conditions, and social support - can be challenging for newcomers to Canada. These fact sheets explore key issues related to immigrants's health in Waterloo Region.
Immigration Works
A report on how Greater Toronto Area (GTA) residents feel about immigrants in the workforce - June 2004.
Immigration, Race, and Language: Black Francophones of Ontario and the Challenges of Integration, Racism, and Language Discrimination
This working paper by Amal Madibbo examines the challenges of integration faced by Black Francophone immigrants who live in Ontario and who constitute a racial minority within the Francophone official linguistic minority - June 2005.
In the Public Interest: Immigrant Access to Regulated Professions in Today’s Ontario
This paper documents the historical roots of the current system of occupational registration in Ontario, and provides an analysis of the lived reality of immigrants in the process of occupational licensing - July 2004.
India Rising: Implications for Canadian Business and Public Policy
The purpose of this conference was to advance the collective understanding of stakeholders and policymakers of the opportunities and challenges for Canadian business in India - February 2009.
Institutionalizing Precarious Immigration Status in Canada - Working Paper
This working paper presents an analysis of how people in Canada move from relatively secure, but largely temporary immigration status, to less secure status, including illegality - October 2007.
Labour Force Ageing and Skill Shortages in Canada and Ontario
This report considers the ways in which the ageing of the labour force may influence skill shortages in Canada and Ontario - August 2004.
Labour Market Outcomes and the Recruitment Information Needs of Immigrant and Other Job Seekers
This paper reveals that large numbers of more recent immigrants born in countries other than the United States and the United Kingdom are doing poorly in comparison with the native born and immigrants that arrived earlier - October 1999
Literacy Matters: Helping Newcomers Unlock Their Potential
This report adds to the pile of documents that report how newcomer skills are underutilized, but focuses on newcomer language and literacy skills and adds an additional call to action for business - September 2009.
Longitudinal Survey of Immigrants to Canada: Process, progress and prospects
This report is part of a comprehensive survey designed to study the process by which new immigrants adapt to Canadian society - October 2003.
Making Use of Immigrant Skills to Strengthen our Community
Canadians need the skills that immigrants bring to their new home country. Immigrant skills—the very skills that we need—are not being used to their full potential - October 2003.
Migration and Health: Implications for Development. A Case Study of Mexican and Jamaican Migrants in Canada's Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program
This paper explores the nexus of health and migration for development, focusing on the experience of Mexican and Jamaican migrant workers in Canada's Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program (SAWP) - October 2009.
Nation Building Through Cities: A New Deal for Immigrant Settlement in Canada
Elizabeth McIsaac, of the Maytree Foundation, authored this paper examining dispersion strategies and makes recommendations on how to achieve broader newcomer geographic diversity by positive instead of coercive measures - February 2003.
Ontario's South Asian Transnationals: Unlocking the Potential of an Untapped Resource
The economic progress of Ontario's South Asians, or more broadly new immigrants, does not paint a rosy picture. What can be done to maximize the potential of Ontario's South Asian Transnationals? - February 2009
Our Diverse Cities
Published with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, this magazine seeks to provide a look at population diversity in Canadian cities - Spring 2004.
Pan-Canadian Quality Standards in International Credential Evaluation
This report researches the development of pan-Canadian quality standards in international credential assessment that would ultimately help to harmonize the practice of credential recognition in Canada - December 2008.
Portraits of Peel 1996-2001 PDF Report
Portraits of Peel is a document that describes the socio-economic characteristics of different neighbourhoods in Peel Region, using data from the Census of Canada at the postal code level.
Putting Data to Work for Immigrants and Communities: Tools for the Washington DC Metro Area and Beyond
This report promotes the effective use of demographic data by community-based organizations working with and on behalf of immigrants - March 2004.
Recognition of Learning: An International Perspective (Next Steps for Articulation Agreements in Canada)
This paper aims to clarify the international context within which the current recognition debate has evolved - September 2003.
Setting the Course: A Framework for Coordinating Services for Immigrants and Refugees in Peel Region
A report providing an assessment of the effectiveness of coordinated delivery of services for immigrants in Peel Region - 2000.
Settlement in the Workplace - The Settlement Needs of Employed Newcomers - An Exploratory Study
This study explores what happens with respect to settlement issues to newcomers who find employment shortly after arriving in Canada - March 2001.
Smart Settlement: Current Dispersion Policies and A Community Engagement Model for Sustainable Immigrant Settlement in Ontario'’s Smaller Communities
This paper provides a critical analysis of current government dispersion policies to have immigrants resettle in smaller cities - March 2005.
Social Capital and the Labour Market Process among New Generation Youth from Visible Minority Immigrant Families
This paper reports findings of a qualitative study examining how new generation youth without university degrees find work and what kinds of resources they use in their job search - February 2009.
Strategic Workforce Planning and Internationally Educated Professionals: An Employer Perspective
This report provides results from a results from an Employer IEP survey conducted in the Summer of 2007 - October 2007.
Studies: The Rise of the Service Class in Ontario
Two reports from the Martin Prosperity Institute provide an overview and profile of low wage service workers in Ontario - 2009.
Study on Settlement Services for Newcomers in Isolated Rural Areas
This report seeks to gain a better understanding of the types of settlement services and information being accessed by newcomers in rural and remote areas of Ontario - May 30, 2001.
Study: Wealth of immigrant families
In 1999, immigrant families who arrived in Canada before 1976 had greater wealth holdings than their Canadian-born counterparts. However, the opposite pattern was observed among immigrant families who arrived after the mid-1980s - November 2003.
Tapping Immigrants' Skills: New Directions for Canadian Immigration Policy in the Knowledge Economy
This study discusses how the underutilization of skills is a pressing problem contributing to downward trends in employment and earnings outcomes among immigrants - February 2005.
The Canadian Immigrant Labour Market in 2006: First Results from Canada's Labour Force Survey
The national unemployment rate for newcomers who landed between 2001 and 2006 was more than double the rate for the Canadian-born population. They fared worse than both established immigrants and the Canadian born - September, 2007.
The Canadian Temporary Foreign Worker Program
This study found that Canada's growing focus on short-term labour migration is unfair to the vast majority of temporary foreign workers and will not help the country meet its long-term employment needs. - May 2010.
The Discounting of Immigrants' Skills in Canada: Evidence and Policy Recommendations
This study outlines how the education and work experience of newcomers to Canada is not valued - February 2005.
The Effect of Literacy on Immigrant Earnings
This study uses data from the 1998 Ontario Adult Literacy Survey to explore how official language literacy and numeracy skills influence the labour market outcomes of immigrants to Ontario - 2004.
The Facts Are In! A study of the characteristics and experiences of immigrants seeking employment in regulated professions in Ontario
The Government of Ontario's Access to Professions and Trades (APT) unit undertook a research study about the experiences of immigrants seeking employment in Ontario's regulated professions - Summer 2002.
The Geography of Immigration in Canada: Settlement, Education, Labour Activity and Occupation Profiles
This study reviews shifting settlement patterns and labour market outcomes of immigrants based on their settlement geography and level of educational achievement - March 2009.
The Role of Social Ties in the Job Search of Recent Immigrants
This paper examines the role played by social networks in the job search process of recent immigrants - January 2009.
The Shift in Canadian Immigration Policy and Unheeded Lessons of the Live-in Caregiver Program (LCP)
This report uses the Live-in Caregiver Program as a model to illustrate how Canada's immigration policy has shifted from a commitment to permanent residency to a focus on employer-driven importation of temporary labour - February 2009.
The Transition Penalty : Unemployment among Recent Immigrants to Canada
Upon arrival in Canada, immigrants experience a “transition penalty”: a period of adjustment as they establish themselves in a new country - July 2003.
The Voices of Visible Minorities - Speaking Out on Breaking Down Barriers
This briefing summarizes the key learnings from seven focus groups with visible minorities in management, supervisory or professional roles in Canadian public and private sector organizations - September 2004.
Towards A Comprehensive Labour Market Strategy for Immigrants
This paper makes recommendations to improve opportunities for immigrant employment - March 2005.
Understanding Ontario College-Community Agency Linkages Research Report
The aim of this research was to explore how community agencies in Ontario view community colleges, to what extent they are linked to each other and how these linkages can be strengthened - from the perspective of the community agencies - 2009.
Understanding the Employment Service Needs of Internationally Trained Immigrants
This report sought to answer the question: What employment services would best meet ITI needs and help prepare them for employment commensurate with their skills, education and experience? - 2009
Unequal Access: A Canadian Profile of Racial Differences in Education, Employment and Income
A report documenting the differences that racial groups experience in the areas of education, employment and income - 2000.
Valuing the Knowledge, Skills and Experience of Canada's Immigrants
This brief by the Association of Canadian Community Colleges was presented to the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration: Consultations on Recognition of the International Experience and Credentials of Immigrants - May 2005.
What are the Labour Market Outcomes for Immigrants Planning to Work in Regulated and Unregulated Occupations
This report sought to answer the question: What is the labour market performance (broadly defined) for immigrants planning to work in regulated and unregulated occupations? - February 2010
What are the labour market outcomes for university-educated immigrants?
This report aimed to answer the question: What are the labour market outcomes in terms of income, participation and unemployment rate, for skilled immigrants with a university degree or higher?
What We Heard - Results of a Provincial Consultation with Colleges
A national skills strategy is urgently needed to produce the number of highly skilled graduates that are needed to replace an aging workforce and strengthen Ontario's competitive position, according to What We Heard - February 2006.
Working for Youth Research Project
A study examining key barriers faced by newcomer youth seeking employment in the Ottawa-Carleton area - April 2000.
Working Precariously: The impact of race and immigrants status on employment opportunities and outcomes in Canada
This research draws attention to racial discrimination in employment in Canada, and discusses the impact on the status of racialized groups in the Canadian labour market - May 2005.
Writing Skills: A Comparison of Canadian Language Benchmarks and HRDC’'s Essential Skills
This paper compares two Canadian Internet-based resources: Canadian Language Benchmarks and Human Resources Development Canada's (HRDC's) Essential Skills - 2004.

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