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Research materials focused on issues related to cultural diversity, settlement services and the experience of immigrants in terms of integration and civic participation in Canadian society.

2004 Inter-Provincial Report Card on Language and Settlement Services in Canada
This report provides a comprehensive overview of the current state of immigrant settlement programs across Canada funded by the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) - February 2005.
2004 Newsroom Diversity Census Report
A new study from Ryerson University shows that Canada's daily newspapers continue to lag behind in hiring racial minority groups - Fall 2004.
A National Strategy to Meet the Needs of GAR Children and Youth within RAP - Final Report
This report highlights the needs that Government Assisted Refugee (GAR) children and youth have in their resettlement process in Canada and recommends that CIC implement a comprehensive national strategy to meet those needs - June 30, 2007.
A New Canada: An Identity Shaped by Diversity
This Centre for Research and Information on Canada (CRIC) paper looks at a country in transformation, a Canada where many values and attitudes prevalent 40 years ago have been replaced with a fresh outlook. October 2003
A Research Project into the Settlement Needs of Adult Immigrants with Limited Literacy Skills in Their First Language Who Have Settled in the Greater Toronto Area
This qualitative study examines the initial settlement and integration issues faced by adult immigrants with limited literacy skills in their first language who settle in the Greater Toronto Area - May 2001.
A Search for Models: From Collaboration to Co-optation
A literature review analyzing models of collaboration and coordination between settlement services and other services in the human services sector - April 2000.
A Study of the Need for Language Interpretation and Translation Services (LITS) in the Delivery of Immigrant Settlement Programs
This study finds that LITS are an emerging service delivery field in Ontario, identifies gaps and system-wide deficiencies and makes recommendations. - February 2009.
A Study of the Settlement Experiences of Eritrean and Somali Parents in Toronto
The report explores the parenting issues faced by Eritrean and Somali parents in Toronto, as they adjust to living in a new culture - September, 2001.
An Analysis of Second Language Training Programs for Older Adults Across Canada
This report seeks to analyse second language training programs for older adults across Canada - January 2008.
An Enquiry into the Delivery of ISAP Settlement Services to the Black/African Community in Peel/Halton Region
This study documents the settlement needs of the black/African newcomers in the Peel/Halton region, and the capacity of settlement agencies in Peel/Halton region to meet the needs of black/African newcomers - 2000.
An Exploratory Overview of the Assets of Immigrant and Visible Minority Communities in Ottawa
This document is an inventory of existing assets, the best approaches to improve communication and dialogue within the immigrant and ethnic communities in priority areas, and ways of improving community participation in public policy by helping community members develop a stronger voice - October 2004.
Best Interests of the Child: Meaning and Application in Canada
This report is the outcome of a multi-disciplinary conference that considered the concept of Best Interests of the Child in general and its application for many areas in the lives of children in Canada - 2009.
Best Practices: Somali Family Mental Health Support Program
This report provides an overview of a suggested best practices approach to assisting Somali families dealing with mental health issues - February 2005.
Between Grassroots Politics and the Ethnicizing Imperative of the Multicultural State: Latin American Immigrant Organizations in Toronto
This paper examines the politics of Latin American immigrant incorporation in Canada with a focus on the relationship between community organizing, settlement and social needs and services, and the ethnic politics of Canadian multiculturalism.
Building Bridges Across Sectors: A Resource to Help Create Community and Academic Research Partnerships
This introductory guide is intended to help community and academic groups create and sustain successful research partnerships - June 2004.
Building culturally and linguistically competent services to support young children, their families, and school readiness
This tool kit seeks to provide guidance, tools, and resources that will assist communities in building culturally and linguistically competent services, supports, programs, and practices related to young children, their families - May 2004.
Building Partnerships for Service Provision to Migrant Sex Workers
The study findings pointed to a dramatic increase in the number of migrants in all sectors of the local sex industry, and in the number of health and social service organizations that either deal with this population or are interested in getting involved.
Chinese Immigrants in Canada: Their Changing Composition and Economic Performance
This paper (CERIS Working Paper Series #30) uses landing records and tax data to examine both the changing composition of the Chinese immigrants in Canada in the past two decades and their levels of economic performance - March 2004.
CIC Social Engagement and Integration Workshops 2008 - Summary of Discussions
From March to July 2008, CIC held a series of workshops in regional centres across the country to explore the role of social engagement in the integration experiences of newcomers to Canada. This document provides a summary of those discussions.
Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Ontario Region Settlement Directorate Response to: Recommendations for the Delivery of Services to Mandarin speaking Newcomers from Mainland China
This document contains the findings of the Delivery of Service to Mandarin speaking newcomers report along with Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Ontario Region Settlement Directorate's responses.
Citizenship Matters: Re-examining Income (In)Security of Immigrant Seniors
This report seeks to explore the lack of access to income security programs by immigrant seniors, specifically the 10 year residency waiting period for social security benefits imposed on immigrant seniors who came to Canada under the Family Class.
Community Policing - a Shared Responsibility: Final Project Report And Evaluation
This report describes the outcomes of a multi-year project race relations project in Ottawa and presents its analysis - December 2008.
Community-based Research on Immigrant Women: Contributions and Challenges
This paper (CERIS Working Paper Series #32) explores the profuse amount of community-based research being conducted about and with immigrant women, primarily in Toronto - May 2004.
Creating a Culturally Inclusive Organization: A Resource Action Guide
This Resource Action Guide comes out of a broader project to make the CMHA more reflective of, and accessible to, the diverse cultural groups in Canadian communities - March 2002.
Disability, Culture and Service Engagement among Chinese, Somali and Tamil Communities in Toronto
This report examines the needs and experiences of Chinese, Tamil, and Somali communities in Toronto vis-à-vis intellectual disability - July 2004.
Établissement d'un guichet unique pour l'accueil des personnes immigrantes et réfugiées de langue française à Sudbury
Une étude des questions liées à l'établissement des immigrant(e)s et réfugié(e)s à Sudbury - Mars 2004.
Ethno-Racial Groups in Toronto, 1971-2001: A Demographic and Socio-Economic Profile
A report from the Institute for Social Research reveals that all 20 of the poorest ethno-racial groups in Toronto are non-European - January 2006.
Experience of Discrimination by Visible Minorities in Small Communities
This article describes some of the experiences of racial minorities in small town settings in Alberta - Spring 2009.
Experiences of Front-line Shelter Workers in Providing Services to Immigrant Women Impacted by Family Violence
The purpose of this research study is to explore how front-line workers of shelters for abused women and children experience providing support to immigrant women impacted by family violence - 2004.
Fast, Fair and Final: Reforming Canada's Refugee System
The proposal presented in this paper suggests a different approach to making refugee decisions in Canada - September 2009.
Finding Their Voice: Civic Engagement Among Young Aboriginals and New Canadians
This research and writing from the Centre for Research and Information on Canada highlights the challenges which confront young New Canadian and Aboriginal communities in effectively engaging in the civic life. Includes 5 articles from various writers.
From Immigration to Participation: A Report on Promising Practices in Integration
This report explores current perspectives on immigrant integration and innovative strategies that engage receiving communities in the settlement process of newcomers - November 2008.
Immigrant Identity and the Nonprofit: A Case study of the Afghan Women's Organization
This paper (CERIS Working Paper Series #29) focuses on immigrant identity theory and its application to actual lived experience, using the Afghan Women's Organization (AWO) as a model - February 2004.
Immigrants in Canada's census metropolitan areas
This report is the third of a series that develops statistical measures to shed light on issues of importance for Canada's largest urban areas - August 2004.
Immigrants in demand: Staying or leaving?
This article looks at what happens to landed immigrants who arrived between 1990 and 1998 and who were intending to work in indemand occupations as IT workers, physicians and health care managers or trades workers - September 2004.
Immigrants in Waterloo Region - Fact Sheets
Some conditions that affect population health - employment, education, living and working conditions, and social support - can be challenging for newcomers to Canada. These fact sheets explore key issues related to immigrants's health in Waterloo Region.
Immigrants' Economic Integration: Successes and Challenges: A Profile of Immigrants in Ottawa Based on the 2006 Census
This report highlights the importance of the immigrant population for the economic growth of the City of Ottawa and discusses the challenges immigrants face in achieving social and economic integration - June 2009.
Immigration, Diversity and Social Inclusion in Canada's Cities
This report underlines the importance of immigration to the future of Canada's cities and outlines what needs to be done to see that Canada's diversity remains an asset - January 2003.
Immigration, Race, and Language: Black Francophones of Ontario and the Challenges of Integration, Racism, and Language Discrimination
This working paper by Amal Madibbo examines the challenges of integration faced by Black Francophone immigrants who live in Ontario and who constitute a racial minority within the Francophone official linguistic minority - June 2005.
India Rising: Implications for Canadian Business and Public Policy
The purpose of this conference was to advance the collective understanding of stakeholders and policymakers of the opportunities and challenges for Canadian business in India - February 2009.
Information Practices of Ethno-Cultural Communities (IPEC)
The purpose of this study was to examine the information needs, uses and seeking behaviour of people who have newly immigrated to Canada (five years or less) - April 2008.
Institutional Change: Building an Inclusive OCASI Network and Enhancing the Participation of Racialized Francophone Community
This report seeks to examine the problems and challenges that Francophone newcomers from black French speaking African and Haitian communities face in their integration process in Ontario - December 2004.
Institutionalizing Precarious Immigration Status in Canada - Working Paper
This working paper presents an analysis of how people in Canada move from relatively secure, but largely temporary immigration status, to less secure status, including illegality - October 2007.
Integration Outcomes for Immigrant Women in Canada: A Review of the Literature - 2000-2007
The purpose of this paper is to examine the integration outcomes for Canadian immigrant women as revealed in the current literature with the intent of identifying key priority areas for research, policy development and practice - 2007.
Issues Confronting Newcomer Youth in Canada: Alternative Models for a National Youth Host Program
This study (CERIS Working Paper Series #39) had as its primary objective the development of three models of service delivery for youth within Host and Host-like programs - June 2005.
Lapathee and Family Support Group (LAFS) Pilot Program Evaluation
The social work team at Access Alliance implemented the Lapathee (Karen for 'tea') and Family Support Group (LAFS) program as a pilot program from June to August 2008. This report summarizes key findings from the evaluation of this pilot program.
Library Settlement Partnerships - Pilot Project Review and Program Model Proposed
CIC recently piloted the Library Settlement Partnerships (LSP) in Hamilton, Ottawa and Toronto libraries. These reports provide insights and recommendations about creating and running such partnerships - October 2007.
Longitudinal Survey of Immigrants to Canada: Process, progress and prospects
This report is part of a comprehensive survey designed to study the process by which new immigrants adapt to Canadian society - October 2003.
Making Use of Immigrant Skills to Strengthen our Community
Canadians need the skills that immigrants bring to their new home country. Immigrant skills—the very skills that we need—are not being used to their full potential - October 2003.
Meanings of Social Support, Coping, and Help-seeking Strategies among Immigrants and Refugees in Toronto
This paper (CERIS Working Paper Series #31) reports on a study of the meanings of social support for Chinese immigrants and Somali refugees in Toronto as part of a national qualitative study - May 2004.
Moving Towards Visibility: Non-Status Immigrants and the Social Service Sector
The purpose of this report is to share information on the Undocumented Support Network Project and key resources from the initiative that aim to increase the capacity of agencies to better serve non-status immigrants - April 2009.
Nation Building Through Cities: A New Deal for Immigrant Settlement in Canada
Elizabeth McIsaac, of the Maytree Foundation, authored this paper examining dispersion strategies and makes recommendations on how to achieve broader newcomer geographic diversity by positive instead of coercive measures - February 2003.
New Start for Youth - An Examination of the Settlement Pathways of Newcomer Youth
This study explores the challenges that immigrant and refugee youth have experienced and the coping strategies that they have used to deal with their settlement and adjustment process. - April 2010.
Ontario's South Asian Transnationals: Unlocking the Potential of an Untapped Resource
The economic progress of Ontario's South Asians, or more broadly new immigrants, does not paint a rosy picture. What can be done to maximize the potential of Ontario's South Asian Transnationals? - February 2009
Our Diverse Cities
Published with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, this magazine seeks to provide a look at population diversity in Canadian cities - Spring 2004.
Perspectives on Disability in 3 Cultural Communities: Downtown Toronto, Canada
This report discusses the commonalities and differences in the perception of disability in the Vietnamese, Chinese and Portuguese communities in Toronto - February 2005.
Population projections of visible minority groups, Canada, provinces and regions 2001-2017
This study suggests that roughly one out of every five people in Canada, or between 19% and 23% of the nation's population, could be a member of a visible minority by 2017 - March 2005.
Portraits of Peel 1996-2001 PDF Report
Portraits of Peel is a document that describes the socio-economic characteristics of different neighbourhoods in Peel Region, using data from the Census of Canada at the postal code level.
Pushed (Back) Into the Closet: Research Findings on the Safety Needs of LGBTTIQQ2S Women and Trans Communities of Toronto
This research report summarizes findings of an online survey conducted to assess the safety needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, transgender, intersex, queer, questioning, and two-spirited women and trans individuals in Toronto - May 2009.
Putting Data to Work for Immigrants and Communities: Tools for the Washington DC Metro Area and Beyond
This report promotes the effective use of demographic data by community-based organizations working with and on behalf of immigrants - March 2004.
Putting Equity on the Agenda: Are We Being Heard?
This report summarizes an equity campaign focused on issues facing newcomers and immigrants in York Region, hearing community concerns and recommendations. The key concepts used are equity, access and inclusion.
Race, Religion, and the Social Integration of New Immigrant Minorities in Canada
This study explores the extent to which the social integration of recent immigrants to Canada and Quebec is affected by their religious diversity, as opposed to traditional questions of racial difference - September 2008.
Racialised Groups and Health Status: A Literature Review Exploring Poverty, Housing, Race-Based Discrimination and Access to Health Care as Determinants of Health for Racialised Groups
This literature review investigates the impact of income, housing, race-based discrimination and access to health care on the health status of racialised groups in Toronto - Summer 2005.
Re-Visioning the Newcomer Settlement Support System
A study identifying strategies for coordinated and collaborative models of settlement service delivery in Toronto - June 2000.
Recent Immigrants' Awareness of, Access to, Use of, and Satisfaction With Settlement Services in York Region
This study examines settlement services in York Region (including Aurora, Markham, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Vaughan). Overall, the study found unmet settlement needs and service disparities within York Region. - September 2010.
Recommendations for the Delivery of ISAP Services to Mandarin Speaking Newcomers from Mainland China
The report is intended to identify the distinct segments of Mandarin speaking newcomers and major needs and barriers they face in the process of settlement and integration into Canadian society and recommend solutions - May 14, 2004.
Research on Settlement Programming Through the Media
CIC funded to DiversiPro, a research company, and Dr. H. Karim, from Carleton University, to conduct research on settlement information in the media. Both reports are available here - Fall 2007.
Setting the Course: A Framework for Coordinating Services for Immigrants and Refugees in Peel Region
A report providing an assessment of the effectiveness of coordinated delivery of services for immigrants in Peel Region - 2000.
Settlement Service Needs For Ethiopian Newcomers in Toronto
This study investigated the well being of Ethiopian immigrants and interventions made in facilitating access to services - May 2000.
Settlement Services for Chinese Canadians in Toronto: The Challenges Toward Integrated Planning
A study focused on Chinese immigrants in Toronto, and whether existing services are able to meet their needs - May 2000.
Settlement Services for Newcomers and Access to Family Services
A research study investigating strategies for coordinated and collaborative models of settlement service delivery in Toronto, with particular focus on family services - May 2000.
Sexpress: Toronto Teen Survey Final Report
The goal of the Toronto Teen Survey (TTS) is to conduct research that will enrich both the quality and quantity of sexual health information available to Toronto teens and improve the ways in which sexual health promotion and care are delivered.
Smart Settlement: Current Dispersion Policies and A Community Engagement Model for Sustainable Immigrant Settlement in Ontario'’s Smaller Communities
This paper provides a critical analysis of current government dispersion policies to have immigrants resettle in smaller cities - March 2005.
Social Inclusion of Newcomers to Canada: An Information Problem?
This article, to Appear in Library and Information Science Research, 2005, examines how information service providers, particularly libraries, may assist effectively in the provision of the information needs of immigrants.
Social, Economic and Demographic Profile: Hispanic Community
This study provides an overview of the settlement situation of the Hispanic community in Metro Toronto and consists of three sections: Learning From Our Past, Trends in the Hispanic Community and Towards an Integrated Settlement Model - April 2000.
Stand Together or Fall Apart: Professionals Working with Immigrant Families - September 2012.
This book aims to help practitioners to better understand the struggles of immigrants and thus be better able to assist them as they adjust to life in a new country.
Student Refugee Sponsorship Program 1985-1994: Survey and Evaluation
A study evaluating the results of the World University Service of Canada (WUSC) Student Refugee Sponsorship Program in terms of student integration into Canadian society - March 2000.
Study on Parenting Issues of Newcomer Families in Ontario
A study exploring the issues faced by immigrant parents within diverse ethnic backgrounds, and the supports and resources that could assist newcomer parents in addressing their parenting issues - April 30, 2001.
Study on Settlement Services for Newcomers in Isolated Rural Areas
This report seeks to gain a better understanding of the types of settlement services and information being accessed by newcomers in rural and remote areas of Ontario - May 30, 2001.
Sustaining Canada's Multicultural Cities: Learning from the Local
Our cities and neighbourhoods are being transformed by the social, cultural, and economic diversity of newcomers. How can we be ‘at home' – all of us, in all of our differences – in these increasingly multicultural cities? - February 2004.
The Challenges of Immigration, Settlement and Adjustment: A study of settlement needs of Arabic-speaking newcomers of the Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton
This study examines the settlement needs of Arabic-speaking newcomers of the regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton - March 2000.
The Challenges of Immigration, Settlement and Adjustment: A study of settlement needs of Arabic-speaking newcomers of the Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton
This study examines the settlement needs of Arabic-speaking newcomers of the regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton - March 2000.
The Needs of Newcomer Youth and Emerging "Best Practices" to Meet Those Needs
This study identifies the needs of immigrant youth between the ages of 16 to 20, and surveys organizations that provide educational, employment, health and social services to newcomer youth in order to identify "best practices" - 2000.
The Range of Newcomer Services in the Greater Toronto Area - Executive Summary
This summary aims to provide an overview about the range of newcomer services in the Greater Toronto Area, the service deliverers and a brief description of some sources of funding - September 2003.
The Response of the Municipal Public Sector to Challenges of Immigrant Settlement
This study examines the way in which municipal public service agencies in the Greater Toronto Area are responding to challenges posed by the settlement of large numbers of immigrants within their boundaries - October 2000.
The Right to Learn: Access to Public Education for Non-Status Immigrants
This study examines the challenges, fear, and safety concerns non-status immigrant families face in regards to accessing the public school system - June 2008.
The Study of Sudanese Settlement in Ontario - Final Report
In this report, the authors provide a profile of Sudanese immigrants and refugees who arrived in Canada from 2000 to 2003 and reside in seven Ontario cities - May 2004.
The Two-Tier Settlement System: A Review of Current Newcomer Settlement Services in Canada
The objective of this paper is to review the supply of current newcomer settlement services in Canada, with an emphasis on Ontario and the City of Toronto - November 2004.
To Build on Hope: Overcoming the Challenges Facing Newcomer Youth at Risk in Ontario
This study examines the challenges of five different groups of immigrant youth from ten different sending countries and regions, now residing in Toronto, Hamilton, and Ottawa, at some risk of not succeeding in their settlement - October 2001.
Toronto's Social Landscape
This resource is for organizations that use demographic and socio-economic data in their work – to assist in program planning, needs assessments, funding submissions, advocacy initiatives, public policy development and research projects - 2009.
Towards A Comprehensive Labour Market Strategy for Immigrants
This paper makes recommendations to improve opportunities for immigrant employment - March 2005.
Transnational, Multi-Local Motherhood: Experiences of Separation and Reunification among Latin American Families in Canada
This paper (CERIS Working Paper Series #40) explores the experiences of Latin American families who have faced separation and reunification during their migration process to Canada - July 2005.
Visibly Hidden: Rethinking BMSM & HIV Prevention
The goal of this report is to provide an overview of the significant needs, barriers and service gaps for Black, gay, bisexual and straight identified African and Caribbean men who have sex with other men in Toronto - June 2007.
Workshop on Minority Youth Residing in the Ottawa-Carleton Region
A report documenting the findings and recommendations of a workshop on the challenges facing minority youth residing in the Ottawa-Carleton Area - May 2000.

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