Canada Works 2nd Edition - ESL Teacher's Resource Guide

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By: Judith Bond, Grace Nicholson,
Org: Workplace Training & Services, Toronto District School Board
Date: 2002

The Canada Works Resource Guide focuses on employability skills and knowledge and is designed to be integrated into ESL classroom curriculum.

The activities and exercises in the guide highlight issues of maintaining a job and can help ESL learners increase their chances of successfully finding employment. It is also not focused on job search but it is focused on employability skills and knowledge.


CanadaWorks will help the learner focus on experiences that come after getting a job. CanadaWorks is referenced to the Canadian Language Benchmarks and the LINC Curriculum Guidelines, which were developed by the Toronto Catholic District School Board.

CanadaWorks was written to help instructors increase their content knowledge as well as to provide key information and practice for learners directly related to a workplace context. We expect an instructor will carefully read a unit before presenting it.

There is a Resource section with additional sources for the instructor. Each activity is designed for LINC 4 but we have suggested additions that move it to a LINC 5. The activities are samples only and are by no means exhaustive.

A separate workbook called Through the Looking Glass has been written for learners to use and it supports the information and activities in CanadaWorks.

These documents are available for download in Adobe Acrobat PDF and WinZip format. We have provided all Canada Works Units in one zipped file format. Each Unit is also available to be downloaded individually (in Adobe Acrobat PDF format).
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Toronto District School Board, Workplace Training & Services, I Civic Centre Court, Toronto, ON, M9C 2B3