CIC Review of Host Group Service Models

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Org: RealWorld Systems
Date: 2005

RealWorld Systems' February 17 2005 presentation to the National Host Conference in Toronto.

Objectives of Review

  • To identify and describe the various Host group models in Ontario
  • To identify the benefits and challenges of group models
  • To identify which models and activities are the most promising in terms of effectiveness and efficiency
  • To develop recommendations for improving Host program group model service delivery, consulting with Ontario Host Service Providers


  • The first task in reviewing program models is to define the desired program outcomes. What are Host groups trying to do? What is Host's role in the settlement process? If we don't know where we're going, we can't identify promising directions.
  • The Host program needs to clarify its core objective; otherwise, it will be used as a substitute and stop-gap for other settlement programs.

Issues for CIC to consider

  1. Role of informal English practice (related to LINC)
  2. Role of volunteer coordination (related to ISAP)
  3. Clarification of Host priorities and target groups (especially refugees)
  4. Clarification of Host requirements (Must all community participants be trained and screened as official volunteers? What kind of volunteer work is appropriate for newcomers? When may refugee claimants attend groups?)
  5. Location of services ? Implications for information systems, space rental, human resources
  6. Feedback systems to ensure that successful models are recognized and replicated