CERIS PAC Training Project "Knowledge for Action - Action for Knowledge"

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Link: http://ceris.metropolis.net/Virtual%20Library/education/cerispac1.html

This package is the product of the CERIS PAC Training Project "Knowledge for Action - Action for Knowledge". It is intended to be a resource training manual for community agencies serving immigrants and refugees.

The training manuals included in this training package are as follows:

  1. Acquiring and Interpreting Census Information
  2. Introduction to Accessing Available Research On Immigration and Settlement
  3. Researching Immigration and Settlement
  4. Conducting Valid and Cost Effective in House Research
  5. How to Utilize Research on Immigration and Settlement For Program Planning, Development and Evaluation
  6. Accessing Settlement and Immigration Research on the Internet
  7. How to Develop a Management Information System
  8. Using Research to Create a Management Information System
  9. Introduction to Action and Participatory Research
  10. Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods in Immigration and Settlement
  11. Using Research for Advocacy
  12. Introduction: How to Apply for Research Funds
  13. Introduction to Research Methodology in Immigration and Settlement
  14. Acquiring and Using Research for the Purpose of Funding Proposals
  15. Building Closer Academic - Community Collaboration
  16. How to Create a Client Database
These documents are available for download in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.