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Brampton Multicultural Community Centre is a group of diverse professionals dedicated to enhancing newcomer community engagement. Our agency was established in 1987 as a nonprofit organization to serve and work with newcomers to facilitate their settlement and integration into Canada. We offer a wide range of services and learning opportunities to connect newcomers to a better future in the ever changing Canadian society.

Description Our Values

Commitment to inclusiveness, fairness and equity. Respect and value for diversity. Commitment to collaboration and teamwork. Respect for client’s privacy and confidentiality. Accountability to our clients, stakeholders and partners.


To enhance the capacity of newcomers to participate more effectively in our communities. To partner with other service providers and organizations to strengthen the response capacity of the settlement sector. To work collectively with other community actors to facilitate better use of newcomers knowledge and talents in Canadian workplaces.

General Information

Core programs and services focus on helping immigrants overcome barriers; acquire information, skills and connections to help them in their settlement process and to facilitate their integration into society. Current programs of BMC include: Employment Related Services, Information and Referral Services, and Community Connections.

Employment Related Services

Our experienced employment counsellors work with clients on a one-on-one basis and through group sessions to provide information and orientation on:

Canadian Workplace Culture Rights and Responsibilities of Employees Labour Market Trends How to write Resumes and Cover Letters How to use online networking tools to independently job search and meet employers How to tap into the hidden job market

Participants also get an opportunity to learn more about themselves, what motivates them, and how they can improve their communication style with others. Furthermore, our program helps participants learn about their skills and abilities and how to market themselves to employers. Other services such as Job Placement, Mentorship Programs, and Volunteer Placement are also available free of charge through the support of our Job Developer.

Information and Awareness Services

Through our orientation and awareness program, our settlement counsellors provide information in person or by-phone to clients on matters related to settlement such as:

Immigration Health, Education, Housing Filing out application forms Translation Interpretation Accessing Government and Community Resources Occupational Specific Information General Information

Group sessions are also conducted on a monthly basis on topics such as Parenting, Money Management, How to build a credit history in Canada, Workplace Culture, Fire Safety etc to enhance clients’ knowledge and understanding on their settlement needs. These services are offered to newcomers in various languages.

Community Connections

Our Community Connections Program aims at bridging understanding between newcomers and the community. This program consists of two partnerships: The Multicultural Settlement and Education Partnership, offered in Peel Region, is a partnership between the Peel District School Board, the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board, Brampton Multicultural Community Centre and Citizenship and Immigration Canada. MSEP Brampton offers services through placing settlement workers in elementary, middle and high schools in the Brampton area.

The other partnership is the Library Settlement Partnership, which is a three way partnership between Brampton Multicultural Community Centre, Brampton Library and Citizenship and Immigration Canada to support the settlement and integration of newcomers to Canada.

Our Community Connections Program coordinates: Mentorship opportunities for Internationally Trained Professions Group workshops on pertinent topics Community Events at large Information and Referral Women’s Circle Seniors’ Group English Conversation Circle Newcomer’s Club (Youth)

These activities help client establish social and professional networks, and feel welcomed in their communities.

Support Counselling Social isolation, culture shock and cultural adaptation, parenting issues, lack of financial security all have been found to negatively impact newcomers’ mental health and well being leading to loneliness and depression. BMC provides informal one-on-one counseling to relieve the stress in the initial stages of settlement and refers clients to other specialized services as the need arises.

Volunteer Management Program

This core activity serves individuals, unemployed, newcomers and the community at large to develop or enhance their skills through volunteer work. It allows gaining “Canadian Experience” and increasing their community participation. The program also benefits residents to develop their leadership skills and to become role models for the community.

Access Centre of Training

This program serves individuals looking to improve or develop computer skills through instructor led training programs that are affordable and meet the needs of the labour market. Program is also available to all volunteers and individuals who cannot afford to pay even the nominal cost. Participants can learn, MS Office, Excel, Word, Power Point, ACCPAC and basic keyboarding.

Access to Computers, Internet, Fax, and Photocopier We provide newcomers access to a computer room with internet to enable them to search for online information related to their job search or other settlement needs.

Youth Opportunities Program (YOP) Through a series of six workshops spanning over three months, youth will have a chance to hone their abilities to create positive changes in their communities. The program is designed to equip youth with a variety of skills, including: leadership, public speaking, negotiation, and a host of other skills that would empower them to begin addressing relevant issues in their community.

At the beginning of the program, youth will identify issues in their community that they would like to see changed. Over the course of the program, youth will work towards addressing the issue by contacting and working with community leaders, MP, MPPs, and other relevant decision makers. Youth will also mobilize on the issue by creating awareness through several media outlets. The process of initiating such a change will be an empowering and educating experience for the youth who participate in Investing for Tomorrow.

Cancer Screening Program This program encourages women to get screened for breast and cervical cancer by offering education and support services. The services provided through this program include: . Information sessions about breast and cervical cancer screening . Booking screening appointments . Arranging free transportation to and from screening appointments . Accompanying clients for support during appointments . Follow-up support after screening . Referrals to community resources as required

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