Better Legal Information Handbook

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Org: Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO)
Date: 2013

If you create legal information for the public, the Better Legal Information Handbook: Practical tips for community workers, will be a helpful resource. Consult the handbook when you start a project and follow the practical steps, all captured in an easy-to-use chart, as you go along.

Topics include:

  • Knowing your audience and writing for them
  • Choosing the best way to present your information
  • Applying plain language and design principles
  • Ensuring accuracy
  • Testing and evaluating

Click here for the website and here to use the online version with active links.

To order a copy, contact

CLEO can send one free copy to any non-profit group in Ontario. For multiple copies and for any for-profit groups and for organizations outside of Ontario, there is a fee of $20/handbook to recover costs.