Best Ways to Practice English by Yourself

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  • Read something that interests you. It could be a newspaper, a novel or a magazine.
  • Listen to the radio. Listening to others speak the language is an excellent way to improve pronunciation.
  • Try NOT to translate into and from your own language. This takes too much time and will make you more hesitant.
  • Label things in your house with post-its. The easiest vocabulary to learn is the vocabulary of things you see and use everyday. If you can write the names of things around you on slips of paper and stick them on the real thing, this is a great way of learning useful vocabulary.
  • Watch English films and television. This is not only a fun way to learn but it is also very effective. By watching English films you can expand your vocabulary and hear the flow of speech from the actors.
  • Do puzzles such as crosswords, word searches and word match-ups, in your spare time. It will increase your vocabulary as well as help to improve sight recognition of words.
  • Use the words around you. Switch to English in all the gadgets you use: cell phone, Ipod, laptop, alarm clock, EVERYTHING.
  • Invest in a good English dictionary. It is one of the best things that you can do to improve your English.
  • Make lists. This is an easy and helpful way to practice spelling and writing. When you have groceries to buy, or errands to run, try writing out a list each time.
  • Take advantage of your hobbies. If you like to cook, reading and following recipes is a great to study English. Listen to music, watch movies, choices are endless.
  • Make use of all aspects of the internet.
    • Join an online community. Livemocha ( has over two million members learning different **languages together.
    • Ask questions. Lots of language learning sites provide forums where you can ask questions about English such Help Me!
    • Forum at
    • Only search in English. Switch your search engine to the English language version of MSN, Yahoo, Google etc.
    • Watch videos on YouTube.
    • Improve your pronunciation by listening to English words at or by visiting google advanced language tools.
    • Make your own vocabulary "word clouds" with wordle at
    • Sign up for a regular English tip. Some websites offer a weekly or even daily short English lesson sent to your email account.
    • Subscribe to online English dictionaries and receive a word of the day, pronunciation and the definition.


This list was compiled of different web site resources.