Basic Financial Management for Non-Profits

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Org: G. Vergilio & Associates
Date: March, 2012

This manual resulted from a training on Financial Management for organizations funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The training was delivered by G. Vergilio & Associates and financed by CIC.

It includes the content from the online training sessions, and more:

  • Financial management roles and responsibilities for the board and staff
  • Steps to successful budget development, monitoring, management, and oversight
  • A methodology for developing and documenting the organizationʼs budget
  • Program planning and program budget development
  • Budgeting roles and responsibilities
  • Review of financial statements
  • Variance reporting and analysis
  • Management ratios
  • Communicating financial information to the board of directors and staff
  • Understanding audits
  • Fraud and fraud prevention
  • Important financial controls and accounting procedures
  • Principles of CIC funding and a review of the Contribution Agreement
  • Rules for claiming CIC expenses and common reasons for claim problems
  • CIC cash flow preparation and monthly reporting
  • Tracking CIC expenses and monitoring slippage/overspending
  • CIC financial monitoring

This manual will help board members, directors, managers, and coordinators feel more informed when they make financial decisions. It will add to their existing understanding of financial management, clarify some important issues, provide them with tools, and arm them with key questions - all aimed at improving your organizationʼs financial management capacity.

Download the manual

English Version: Basic Financial Management for Non-Profits
French Version: Manuel : Gestion financière de base pour des organismes sans but lucratif

It is also possible to download, from the website of G. Vergilio & Associates, the workshop slides and handouts from the online training sessions.