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Capacity Building

On this page you can find the 4 main approaches that settlement agencies can refer to support their staff and respond to changes in the sector.

How to use this page

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Capacity Building
Contents: Knowledge-sharing, Events, courses, outreach, academics, research, innovation, technology, communications, social media

Organizational development
Contents: Policy & program development, program implementation, management, strategic plans, performance management, funding, reporting, evaluation, audit, partnerships

Contents: academic reports, research studies, governmental publications, think tanks, policy, advocacy

Contents: service delivery, coordination, information and referral, needs assessments, case management.


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General websites about immigration

SAW wiki.png OCASI website

OCASI is the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants

SAW wiki.png Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration

The provincial government's Citizenship and Immigration website

SAW wiki.png Citizenship & Immigration Canada

The Federal Government's Citizenship and Immigration website