Agency Management

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Managing a non-profit agency requires a broad skill and knowledge base, including management models, HR management, dealing with contracts, health and safety, internal policies and community perception.

Strategic and Operational Management

Strategic planning and thinking, including focusing on organization mission, vision and values, organizational life cycles, operational and business planning, program and proposal development and project management.

Organizational Leadership

A focus on Board Governance - effectively working with the board of directors, including models of governance, supporting board transformation, strategic partnerships and alliances, building and managing relationships with key stakeholders and collaboration and negotiation.

Systemic Change and Advocacy

Understanding the policy process and how to affect it, including key determinants of Canadian policy, consultation and intervention, research strategies, forms of systemic change and advocacy - partnerships, ethics.

Program and Outcome Evaluation

Understanding the basic concepts of evaluation, including building an evaluation framework, models of evaluation for immigrant and refugee services, building the capacity to evaluate and incorporating results into operational planning.

Funding & Financial Management

Managing, interpreting and working with financial data for decision-making, including reading financial statements, budgeting and financial reporting processes, balancing internal and external stakeholder expectations and using financial analysis for performance evaluation.

Human Resources Management

Managing staff in an immigrant-serving organization, including job descriptions, evaluation tools, performance appraisal, changing workplaces and workforces, power, influence and diversity.