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Glossary of acronyms and contractions common in the settlement sector of Ontario.

Acronym Description
Access to Professions and Trades. Used in reference to APT initiatives for internationally trained professionals and trades people, and in reference to the APT Unit housed in Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration.
Canadian Border Services Agency. Manages and controls Canada’s borders.
Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks. Center of expertise in support of the national standards in English and French for describing, measuring and recognizing second language proficiency of adult immigrants and prospective immigrants for living and working in Canada.
Canadian Council for Refugees. National umbrella for organization involved in the settlement, sponsorship and protection of refugees.
Joint Centre of Excellence for Research on Immigration and Settlement. Consortium of Toronto-area universities and community partners focused on research on immigration and settlement in Canada. One of 5 research centres across Canada.
Citizenship and Immigration Canada (Federal Government)
Canadian Immigrant Settlement Sector Alliance. Created as the national voice for the immigrant and refugee serving sector in Canada. Membership is provincial umbrella organizations for immigrant and refugee serving agencies.
Community Legal Education Ontario. Community legal clinic providing free legal information on a variety of subjects.
Canada-Ontario Immigration Agreement, signed in November 2005 and ends in 2010.
Community and Social Services. A contraction used in reference to Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services. Responsible for social services and income support programs such as Ontario Works (welfare) and Ontario Disability Support Program.
Employment Insurance. Temporary financial assistance for the unemployed.
Enhanced Language Training. Initiative to develop and delivery labor market and job-specific language training to adult immigrants.
Employment Standards Act (Ontario). Legislation governing labor standards in Ontario.
English as a Second Language. ESL programs in Ontario are funded by MTCU (soon to be transferred to MCI).
French as a Second Language.
Government Assisted Refugee Program. Government of Canada program to support the initial resettlement of refugees in Canada, for those recognized as refugees while outside Canada.
Humanitarian and Compassionate. Used in reference to application for permanent residency in Canada on Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds as provided in IRPA.
HOST Program. Matches volunteers with immigrants to support newcomers with language barriers and show them about life in Canadian communities. One of three backbone immigrant settlement and integration programs funded by CIC across Canada. The Host mission has changed and the program is now called "Community Connections".
Human Resources and Social Development Canada. (Federal government) -
Immigration Appeal Division. Hears and decides appeals on immigration matters such as appeals from refused sponsorship applications and from removal orders. -
Interim Federal Health Program. Administered by the Government of Canada to provide health insurance coverage to refugees until the person becomes eligible for provincial healthcare coverage.
Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada. Independent tribunal mandated to make decisions on immigration and refugee matters, primarily refugee determination.
Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. Became law in June 2002. -
Immigrant Settlement and Adaptation Program. One of three backbone immigrant settlement and integration programs that were funded by CIC across Canada. This funding stream doesn't exist anymore and has been superseded by the CIC "Settlement Program" funding stream.
Job Search Workshops. CIC-funded program to help newcomers develop job search skills.
Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. Used in immigrant and refugee serving sector in the context of recognition of rights, entitlements and social justice.
Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada. One of three backbone immigrant settlement and integration programs funded by CIC across Canada. This funding stream doesn't exist anymore and has been superseded by the CIC "Settlement Program" funding stream.
Local Immigration Partnerships. A new Ontario initiative funded by CIC to facilitate local and regional planning for better coordination of settlement services. Local_Immigration_Partnerships
Languages of Lesser Diffusion. Languages which are less common, often reflecting new and emerging immigrant communities.
Canada-Ontario Labour Market Development Agreement signed in November 2005. Pertains to the development needs of the provincial labour market.
Canada-Ontario Labour Market Partnership Agreement signed in May 2005. Intended to fill labour market gaps and assist those not eligible for EI.
Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration (Ontario Government) -
Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (Ontario Government) -
Non-Government Organization. Usually used in reference to community-based, not-for-profit organizations.
National Headquarters. Usually used in reference to the CIC office in Ottawa, such as CIC NHQ.
Newcomer Settlement Program. Administered by the Government of Ontario to support the settlement needs of newcomers.
Ontario Association of Youth Employment Centers. Network of youth employment counseling centers across Ontario.
Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants.
Ontario Disability Support Program. Intended to meet the needs of people with disabilities and help them become independent. -
Ontario Human Rights Commission. Administers the Ontario Human Rights Code which was enacted in 1962.
Ontario Network of Employment Skills Training Projects. Ontario-based network for organizations that sponsor community-based training projects. -
Ontario Region Host and ISAP Advisory Committee. NGO-government advisory committee for Ontario region HOST and ISAP programs.
Ontario Regional LINC Advisory Committee. NGO-government advisory committee for Ontario region LINC programs.
Ontario Works. Provides financial and employment assistance to people in financial need. Known as ‘welfare’. -
Ontario Women’s Directorate. Division of the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration, providing a focus for government action on issues of concern to women.
Professional Education and Training. OCASI project that supports training for settlement staff.
Personal Information Form. Information form that must be completed by an individual making a refugee claim in Canada and returned to the IRB. -
Pre-Removal Risk Assessment. Mechanism to assess risk that a person placed under removal order may face when sent back to a country where she or he would be in danger or face risk of persecution. -
Refugee Appeals Division. Mechanism provided in IRPA to give refugees the right to appeal on merit, a negative decision from the IRB. It has not been implemented. See CCR website for campaign to implement RAD. -
Resettlement Assistance Program. Provided to persons entering Canada as Convention Refugees, to help with initial resettlement costs and income support. -
Refugee Protection Division. Decides claims for refugee protection made by persons in Canada. A division of the IRB. -
Safe 3rd
Safe Third Country Agreement. Agreement between Canada and the United States signed in December 2002 and implemented in December 2004, to restrict refugee entry into Canada from the US. See CCR website for campaign. -
Sponsorship Agreement Holder. Organizations that have signed a formal sponsorship agreement with CIC. -
Campaign to regularize the status of non-status immigrants. Broad coalition of individuals and organizations advocating for the regularization of status of all non-status immigrants living in Canada.
Settlement Workers in Schools program. Ontario-specific partnership between organizations that provide settlement services, school boards and CIC to provide settlement information and referral to newcomer families. -
Settlement Workers in School Advisory Committee. NGO-government advisory for SWIS program.
Teaching English as a Second Language in Canada. National federation of ESL teachers, learners and learner advocates. (also TESL Ontario)
VSI Accord
Voluntary Sector Accord. Accord between the Government of Canada and the Voluntary Sector, representing a framework for their relationship. Key Accord documents are Code of Good Practice on Funding, and Code of Good Practice on Policy Dialogue. -

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