A Road To Home: Working With Homeless Immigrants & Refugees

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Link: http://atwork.settlement.org/downloads/atwork/Manual_A_Road_to_Home_Working_With_Homeless_Immigrants&Refugees.pdf
By: Carolina Gajardo
Org: COSTI Immigrant Services
Date: 2008

This manual has been developed to be used by service providers as a practical guide when working with Immigrants & Refugees that experience homelessness.


Housing workers need to assess the possible hidden factors of migration to understand the reason for homelessness among migrant individuals. An awareness of the impact of migration, in addition to cultural competence, can help workers move in the right direction when providing housing stabilization services.

The manual is broken into the following sections:

  1. Cultural CompetenceA culturally competent worker is the one that uses a holistic service approach that is service user centered and appropriate for people from any cultural background.
  2. Assessing the Specific Needs of Immigrants & RefugeesThe initial assessment of a homeless migrant person requires the same considerations as an assessment of a non migrant person. The evaluation of the present circumstances takes precedence over the migration issues i.e.: worker needs to firstly assess safety, access to temporary shelter, access to meals and immediate health concerns.
  3. Issues to ConsiderIncludes: important differences between immigrants and refugees, strategies to build supportive services, review service barriers, other considerations.
  4. ResourcesA list of useful websites and reports.
  5. Process of AdaptationReproduction of a section of a COSTI publiction: "Linking Paths: A Guide to Orienting Newcomers to Ontario."

Download A Road To Home: Working With Homeless Immigrants &; Refugees in PDF format.