A Newcomer's Guide to Consumer Protection in Ontario

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Link: http://settlement.org/downloads/2014_newcomers_guide_AC_16_eng%20FINAL-s.pdf
Org: Consumer Protection Ontario, Ontario's Ministry of Government and Consumer Services
Date: 2014

A Newcomer’s Introduction to Consumer Protection in Ontario was created to help promote a fair, safe and informed marketplace — one in which newcomers are informed of their consumer rights..
Through collaboration with the Ministry of Citizenship & Immigration (MCI) and by examining consumer complaint data, the ministry has learned that newcomers could benefit from receiving accurate and timely information about their consumer rights soon after arriving in Ontario. The newcomer consumer guide can help address this need. The consumer guide provides basic education on diverse consumer issues, such as: signing a contract, door-to-door sales, renting or buying a car, moving, scams and frauds, etc. Knowing more about these everyday consumer issues can go a long way to empower newcomers.
It consists of 5 sections:

Section 1: General Consumer Information
Section 2: Money and Finances
Section 3: Finding a Place to Live
Section 4: Getting Around
Section 5: Further Information